Amazing Video Shorts Created Exclusively with Stock Video and Stock Photos

Amazing Video is calling for Submissions

Seeking video shorts (typically less than 10 minutes in length) on any topic within any genre.

Examples might include:

  • music videos
  • commercials
  • DIY How-To videos
  • documentary
  • comedy
  • drama
  • self-promotion
  • avante gardé
  • just about anything you can think of

Less is more.

Videos must be entirely produced with stock video footage and/or stock photos.  Please identify your source(s) of stock content.

Content should be suitable for G, PG or PG-13 audiences.

Finalists will be published on as well as on associated social media channels.

Top 3 finalists will land a place in the annual Hall of Fame Archives for Amazing Video.

Why are we doing this?  We’re passionate about helping artists generate buzz and earning additional exposure.

Deadline is November 15, 2018.

Yes, we’re testing the waters with this idea.  Tell us what you want…you just might get it.




Author: Marvin the Martian

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