Amazing Video : Cavern of Lost Souls

1000 Abandoned Cars Mysteriously Found in Wales Cave

A huge pile of abandoned cars from the 1970’s was found in an abandoned slate cave in Wales, England.

I can’t even see her, and that’s what if you fell down, how that feels, bounce and bounce off all, yeah, we don’t want to fall down there.  I’m almost there.  What’s up explorers? I don’t you know how to start this video so I’m just gonna jump right into it.  Don’t turn this video off because this is gonna be one of the most dangerous videos I have ever made in my entire life, maybe. I actually think this will be the dangerous one. The most dangerous video ever. This is gonna require teamwork, communication, confidence, and patience. Um, we’re risking our lives here 100%.

So there’s a crave here called Caverns of Lost Souls. I mean, just the name is like what was around the 1960s and 70s.  Cars just appeared inside. People just threw them in there. We don’t know who. No one knows why, which is why they call it the Cavern of Lost Souls. These cars were thrown inside this cave and no one knows why. It’s a big mystery to the Internet. To this day in 2018, no one knows why these cars were thrown in there. Now they were thrown in there between 1960’s and 70’s and 80’s. What’s weird, is that let’s say we discovered this in the 1970s, when they were thrown in there. They’re gonna look like mint brand-new cars were thrown in there. Expensive cars are now even now I worth up to 50 pound 50 thousand pounds or in there. No one knows why they’re here and we’re gonna try our best to get down there. This is super, super, super dangerous.  I have butterflies in my stomach and this is something I don’t know if I can even do yet. I know we’re gonna, we’re gonna work this out.

This is a very long video because I’m filming everything and I want you guys to stick to it and watch it to the end. Thanks, man, now there’s a story behind this sword by the way. Exploding fighters took this sword that was down there and brought it up here and apparently, he said that he was actually cursed by this sword. Now rumor has it and this is, rumors that around the Syria that were in King Arthur was actually here hiding out and they think maybe that this could be his sword, or one of his, you know, friends sword. Geez, I don’t know, but point is, this was down there. It’s a heavy freaking sword. Point is, we’re bringing it back. I have the honors of actually sticking it inside the hole where they found it.

Back in all they start here. This is the star of the car. The whole is that where the cars used to get pushed in and this is the way we go in. Oh my god, yeah, I know, I mean we’re gonna take our time look at this though I’m not even there yet. The cars are already sticking out, we’re not even inside yet. Explore as I’m tell you this is, like a mountain of cars down there, you know. What could happen no one knows, but dude, it could be they could’ve been all parked here in like an act, like an earthquake happened. they all like kind of just fell in who knows though but there’s so many that no one can explain what’s your theory on it back in the day when these cars were around people used to steal them and just when they when they did one of many more just drive mothball push them down into the hole into the mine so for this unforgettable mission we have dark house prologue we have we have died from a phantom world Explorer and we have this is the team for this mission it’s a danger like I said very dangerous but I think we’re all gonna make it out take your time and walk soon  another trail over there guys this is an old change but it’s literally just corroded like it’s just turning into like chip crumbles looks like the slates being held up oh my god this is unbelievable so it’s so it all starts here stick to the right stick to you rotten salad without right you can’t even see the bottom and we have to go down there it’s all about taking your time like we said when we every step we take we go down we take each other’s equipment one by one we pass it we’re gonna do this so it starts here for some more stick style together yeah we need a pinpoint I can’t even see it and that’s what you probably do if you fell down that bills bounced and bounced along yeah we don’t want to fall down there we’re attaching glowsticks to our bag so if we did fall you would know exactly where we fell in a way we are so we can get to that person I got when I my bag right now we’re all going out  we got a hug the wall now and sell this   I’m fine my bag over there everyone will do one at time everything  let me just call back down here just from the nose don’t wanna fall down any guys see guys how these just with you get down first aid so hair the pinky came out all right there okay  the thing about this slide is that it’s left open all the moisture in again so it’s slippery maybe someone could grab it I could just drop it I was like a fight both here on out ruffian revolt then  the answer she went that way lucky thinks he went this way but we’re gonna take four I bet that’s a good time over here  we’re almost down to the green are green up marker the point that I’ll keep going Wow yeah that’s that’s done on them yep yeah keep keep keep your eyes to try to get your break for a bit lower yeah my there there yep you can you can lower your left foot down onto the ledge behind your right foot yeah have you got ya know what you I’ll try to do is lower yourself onslaught ledge yeah  yeah yeah just wanna bro yeah man that was kind of scary yeah bro they said the water is poisonous what’s a you know exactly what’s in it you know there’s like when you see them waters musi what’s inside them waters that’s when you see how dangerous that war actually is I thought I could swim in it wait together Cheers now that was teamwork that’s why I only work with certain people when I do this stuff rocks look at this history right there early nineteen hundred’s my car my new car yeah come on she’s a very very old teapot oh I didn’t see that mmm I’m telling you explorers this is no crazy adventure I have ever done in my life blimey Chernobyl it’s up there with Chernobyl and Fukushima oh there’s a oh  yeah well we could even use those they pop them on purpose and no one can get the shots in the pictures people who came here this is amazing oh my God look how look at what it looks it’s a green tint water that is a mountain of cars thousands of cars with light shining through let me turn my light off we have that look at this oh my god this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen that the homies have got it going on right now we are like I said we are prepared we are blowing up the rubber Dinky’s we have a pump one we have an electric one and we are going why why do I feel like this is more dangerous than going down the cliff that’s what I feel like getting in this freakin little boat seeing across to the mountains of cars but seriously this is this is insane looking but I can look at this all day but we have to do this did anyone climb it last time you guys do I mean Steve climbed on a couple of the car but I saw things of that it wants out plus is going with me all right let’s do is learn together to I ordered these balls but they’re actually child sized bolts and all of the maximum of 80 kilograms and I weigh 82 would oh my god I can’t believe we’re sailing across we’re in a cave sailing to a mountain of course that is ancient no one knows what happened to them this has been insane    this is unbelievable I can’t even process what we’re doing okay the rest yes you know this is sort of peaceful but not what I had in mind  I’m just watching you do this on my camera this is how we do this is how we’re living right now in the UK doing some insane stuff getting as close as we possibly can to the cars unbelievable dead this is where you got up the cars full it has its tires it’s had its windows and look how small it is compared to everything here that’s how you know we’re in a huge cave right now and you can tell on camera we just have to get off here I can’t believe you move to the other side with the sword for King Arthur it’s one of the greatest things I ever found but it’s brought me so much bad luck yeah so where did the stone baby I’ve just utilize for another thousand years sword in the stone mission complete look at this bad boy look at this bad boy in the end there’s a sword I say we do not speak with the photograph it stays here remains here future explorers to document and find but I warn you do not take it this sword sadly we’re leaving the sword here that’s amazing I wasn’t him for the first time but tell me it for the second time and seeing this sorted it feels legit real could have been back in the day I have no idea about it I just this whole day has been incredible I can’t believe we’re on the show we did this whole journey of getting here worth exploring with fighters by the way to Dan look at everyone else – oh this sucks you’re creeping down there yeah we place the sword over there this thing is so corroded gotta watch out I want to cut myself I’m just exploring just seeing everything I don’t know any other explorers or people who have actually came to here like actually to the other side all the only ones crazy enough to even do it well like I said this is a mystery no one knows why these cars were placed here no one no one literally no one knows and some of them are really new and some of them to this day if they were meant to have been worth fifty thousand pounds they’re rare some of them that’s the car we’re just standing on but in here we just noticed that there’s actually more freaking cars look it down there oh my god there’s two of them I didn’t see that one either oh no yeah you’re right who knows how many are actually even in the water we’ve been fiddling around with our pictures right now we don’t have our tripod with us so we’re using as much ISO and you know yadda yadda we got to try to make the pictures look good but we took some shots of this said no one has in the world to cross oh you scared me jeez how’d they get a boat they brought a backup boat an old one come over here my sons you’re crazy you just found cars from 1973 he’s gonna fall through the spreads you’re crazy someone told me what I was in the comments last time I don’t know what these are leave a comment below if you know what these are these are probably pretty fifties these ones explores this is where we say goodbye to the car cave and goodbye to this video this is a place I’ll never forget caverns of lost souls I hope you guys enjoy this and hope you guys please share this wow this is well this is real man we do the realest stuff on this channel we keep it real we talked about its history why don’t you present all real stuff and raw entertainment that’s what we do we travel the world we love it exploring crew all day rise above just get just get out there and explore peace out thanks for watching I’m super tired I’m gonna pack up everything my bag and I’m gonna safely jet up to the top thanks again for watching peace I ended it down there but I’m gonna re end it again a double ending because of how intense this was you know as we emerge from the caves like dying climbing and everything you know I just remember as I see this how beautiful this is you tend to appreciate it more when you’re down there but when you’re down there it was blue like the Skyrim Tomb Raider Lord of the Rings mixture explore definitely the most fantasized one I’ve ever done especially with the sword I’ll never forget this day definitely top five explorers I have ever done in my life after you go through the tunnel it just opens up wide and you see the reflection of the green water reflecting the whole place making like this tint green with that light beam just going through it hitting the car keep making like this mystic feeling it was undescribable something that you just had to be there for man but yo check out everyone here and subscribe to them links in the description below man without these guys no way we’re doing I would have done that how No

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